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We help to understand the complex world of acquisitions and divestitures by assessing and addressing your pre- and post- acquisition integration plans. We assist management in all aspects of acquisition (or divestiture) from financial planning, IT assessment, to business process improvement analysis.

Like the art of tightrope walking, merger and acquisition strategy demands skill and sequencing—with only one chance to get it right. Effectively leveraging to drive growth and improve competitive positioning requires companies to define strategic objectives and follow a clear decision path to achieve the desired results.

Zeevo’s M&A Strategy practice works with senior executives to define how they employ M&A—in alignment with their corporate strategy—to drive profitable growth and enable them to compete effectively in their industry.

Zeevo provides M&A advisory services from early in the M&A lifecycle (M&A Strategy, Commercial Diligence, and Operational Diligence) through integration, as well as with disciplines, such as: financial advisory, IT, and tax to provide broad-based information that can inform the M&A strategy.

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