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Managing risk has never been more important—and more challenging—for companies, especially in today’s global market environment. Sweeping regulatory mandates, such as GDPR and Sarbanes-Oxley, complicate matters by adding to the complexity already created by industry-specific and country-specific regulations. Sound internal controls and compliance practices demonstrate credibility to regulators, investors, and analysts. Internal benefits include efficiency, cost savings, and a corporate culture based on integrity. Managing risk, monitoring controls, enhancing security and improving corporate governance are core management responsibilities.

As your organization grows your risk profile changes.  Zeevo’s internal control-related services help our clients comply with regulations, respond to events of noncompliance, and improve processes around information systems that support GRC (governance, risk, and compliance).

Our senior professionals have in-depth knowledge of internal controls, with experience in management-level internal auditing for leading corporations.

Risk Management

Not all risks to an organization are equal.  Our risk management professionals can help your organization recognize, prioritize, assess, address and mitigate risk.  We provide clients with technical and expert guidance to help your organization manage risk and continue to thrive and grow as the environment changes.

Loaned Staff / Co-Sourcing

Our breadth of industry, technology and operational risk resources enable us to serve as a highly qualified asset for our clients.  Whether clients need to address a shortage of traditional internal audit staff or require specialized internal audit professionals.

Our internal audit professionals provide clients with the technical and expert resources they require on-demand, without the need to hire full-time staff.

Internal Controls / SOX Readiness

Our professionals help companies establish effective internal control over financial reporting─whether your organization is just getting started or has complied for years. We help companies apply a top-down, risk-based approach, in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s interpretive guidance, to implement a cost-effective compliance process. We help rationalize the critical risks, identify key controls, develop a credible body of evidence supporting controls design and operating effectiveness, and drive accountability for compliance throughout the organization.

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