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In today’s world, technology touches everything, and is disrupting how business gets done. Organizations must decide to transform now or evolve over time, but there is no option to sit still. We formulate and prioritize necessary enhancements to your IT strategy and architecture; define value drivers and measures of success; and provide actionable short- and long-term recommendations for increased organizational maturity.

Working through a well-defined process, we will assist you in defining or refining your overall IT strategy.

Technology Operating Model and Organization

Zeevo creates strategic advantage by building technology-enabled, agile operating models that are responsive to next-wave disruptors, such as cloud and XaaS. Zeevo develops fit-for-purpose operating models that are anchored in business strategy and enabled by modern technology principles.

Capabilities Architecture

These days technology underpins how business gets done. We believe technology, for better or worse, impacts competitiveness. Companies saddled with technical debt, legacy application architectures and outmoded infrastructure operations take longer and spend more to produce new business capabilities. Those moving to next generation architectures – such as Cloud, XaaS, micro-automation – are seeing more nimble platforms that are more powerful, easier to enhance, and less expensive to maintain. But adopting these new technologies and transforming legacy architectures represent a major challenge. We bring a unique combination of strategy, design, and engineering expertise to assist in the design and evolution of capability architectures.

Digital Strategy and Transformation

Organizations that view technology as a competitive lever must embrace the transformation imperative and improve their capabilities by leveraging digital. Zeevo defines digital strategies, designs distinctive capabilities, and plans the path to realization. We work with your team to align your company strategies with digital solutions and investment plans.

Technology Fit for Growth

To compete in the “new normal” where technology drives strategic advantage, leadership teams need to invest in the things that enable profitable growth. Smart scaling often depends on changing the way teams operate, diverting resources away from low value activities to refocus them on high value investments. We leverage modern management techniques such as robotic process automation and next-generation sourcing strategies, driving continuously improving digital and IT operating models.

Analytics and Data Management

Increasingly, data driven decision-making underpins the most critical business strategies. Zeevo offers solutions on how to manage and leverage vast amounts of data as a competitive advantage and strategically use data analytics to influence and guide organizational decision-making.

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