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We develop enterprise architecture (EA) programs focused on solving real business problems, while maintaining strategic focus on organizational alignment and organizational dynamics and culture.

Zeevo Group will assist your business in defining your enterprise architecture (EA) strategy and (re)designing, launching, and maintaining an effective EA framework that will enhance your firm’s organizational capabilities with industry-leading practices and best-in-class supporting tools and solutions.

From an organizational capabilities perspective, there are a number of components within a firm that must be supported through an EA framework:

  1. The Business architecture (what the firm does);
  2. The Data domain (the data managed by the firm);
  3. The Applications domain (the software used);
  4. The Infrastructure (the networks, and physical devices used);
  5. The Security of the firm’s enterprise architecture; and
  6. The Compliance requirements of the firm (e.g., GDPR).

Each of these domains’ overlaps, and the challenge for an EA framework is to:

  • Create descriptions of today’s organizational capabilities and tomorrow’s future version, which must be aligned to the firm’s strategic goals;
  • Quantify the gap between the two states;
  • Plan a migration from today to tomorrow; and
  • Govern the implementation of the transition.

Working with the right professionals is key to successfully solving these operational and technology challenges.

Zeevo Group has the necessary skills, breadth of knowledge, and experience to architect and implement the right EA solution for your firm. We will assist you in benchmarking your existing EA against industry-leading practices to enable your business to make an informed decision about where to go with your EA strategy and framework, specifically:

  • Identify your enterprise architecture priorities;
  • Define the end goal of your EA strategy;
  • Target the weakest areas of your EA first; and
  • Enable you to mature your organizational capabilities over time.


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