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Robust maintenance forecasting empowers aviation lessors to get a competitive edge by maximizing revenue, limiting costs, and mitigating risk.

A comprehensive and accurate maintenance forecast can empower a more strategic approach to portfolio management, provide an upper hand in contract negotiations, better determine maintenance liabilities, and ultimately result in higher revenue by optimizing end-of-life aircraft to avoid costly and unnecessary maintenance events. Fly Forward your cashflows with Zeevo’s software application solutions. Contact info(at) for more information on subscriptions.

Maximize Revenue

  • Forecasting provides insight for increasing excess reserve retention at expiry
  • Overtime forecast analysis can help refine reserve rate assumptions to get the most out of prospective deals

Limit Costs

  • Avoid unnecessary, multi-million-dollar shop visits expenses for end-of-life aircraft
  • Eliminate surprise end-of-lease adjustment expenses
  • Reduce top-up expenses by avoiding excessive shop visits
  • LLP analysis to limit replacements as needed

Mitigate Risks

  • Exposure analysis to understand risk in case of repossession
  • Understand and optimize reserves or letters of credit to reduce exposure throughout a lease
  • Plan for cash on hand

The complexity of forecasting and the wide array of requisite variables put a premium on having an integrated system with well-defined and constructed relational databases that contain the latest and most accurate data available. Such a system, combined with historical trend monitoring, allows those responsible for running forecasts to spend less time on data entry and validation of each baseline data point. Instead, forecasters can be more confident in the results of their forecasts without requiring extensive manual manipulation to the inputs. This allows for quicker turnaround, especially when running fleet-wide forecasts that are used for budget projections.

Robust forecast solutions source the right data inputs and model them with flexible outputs.


Ways to Use Forecasts

  • Establish fleet wide or portfolio baseline budget projections
  • Deal support
  • What-if scenarios (e.g., with and without return conditions enforced)
  • Identify potential engine swaps
  • Establish asset roadmaps
  • Maintenance claim support
  • End of lease (EOL) compensation support

Zeevo is uniquely positioned to support lessors’ forecasting needs. Blending team members at the forefront of forecasting and aviation technology, Zeevo has unrivaled subject matter expertise allowing customers to bypass the middleman between aviation experts and developers.

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