Zeevo Group Social Media Presence Development & Management

Building a Company’s Winning Presence on Key Social Media Channels

Several of our clients wanted to up their game by building a distinctive and compelling presence on social media channels for their organizations and employees. Zeevo’s Creative Services team collaborated with management to leverage our #communications toolbox to develop a customized social media strategy with company and employee profile branding guidelines and engagement activities.

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Building a Unique Internal Brand to Ignite Corporate Culture and Amplify Employee Connection to a Company’s External Brand

Several of our clients faced the challenge of building a unique and compelling internal identity for their organizations that would effectively transform employees into willing brand advocates. Zeevo Group’s Creative Services team collaborated with management to leverage our visibility-building expertise to create a positive internal brand strategy along with visual assets that connected employees to clients’ external brands.

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Business Journals Leadership Trust

Sharing Our Expertise with the Business Journals

Our CEO Joey Johnsen is one of Business Journals Leadership Trust’s experts who frequently share their thoughts on best practices and advise businesses on how they can achieve excellence in operations, deliver exceptional value to customers, and cultivate a highly effective workplace culture.

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