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Zeevo has supported the world’s largest lessors, MROs, and OEMs, assisting them throughout their companies’ key “life events.” From fleet management, aircraft transitions, maintenance events and end of life sales, to software implementation and mergers and acquisitions.

Our team is well-versed in the aviation industry, having held senior management positions with global lessors and OEMs, and supported a broad spectrum of asset management and technical activities.


Maintenance is frequently a black box for the rest of the executive team. We assist executives in managing this key function, while also working with the maintenance organization to provide immediate cost savings.

  • Enhancing purchasing processes for engine and aircraft maintenance, ferry flights, new and used serviceable material, borescope inspections and other services;
  • Streamlining your shop visit oversight, maintenance claims review, and reimbursement process, including records management and data collection;
  • Reviewing and optimizing all aspects of MRO activities, including GTA management; and
  • Optimizing end-to-end operations, including vendor management, supply chain optimization, and maintenance planning.


Another opportunity for significant performance improvement is often in the operations of the Technical department. We focus on optimizing processes and developing tools to gain key insights into your business, keep operations running smoothly, and plan for timely growth and transition.

  • Streamlining processes and enhancing controls;
  • Policy and procedure design and development, including comprehensive training;
  • System selection, implementation and optimization, e.g., records management systems, contract and asset management systems, treasury management systems, and CRM;
  • Developing custom reports, portals, and dashboards;
  • Creating workflows for manual processes, e.g., budgeting, purchasing, security deposit refunds, claims, and transaction approvals;
  • Creating and implementing asset monitoring programs;
  • Managing aircraft and engine transitions;
  • Inspections and records reviews; and
  • Lease provision administration/management.

Financial Modeling

Every strategic plan needs to be measured against ‘what if’ scenarios. We work alongside management to pull together financial projections that give meaning to strategy.

  • Supporting fleet planning in accordance with overall strategy;
  • Analyzing and forecasting advanced cash flow and maintenance events to facilitate financial and fleet planning, expedite reporting, and identify risks; and
  • Developing custom tools to augment your existing forecasting.

Revenue Management

Revenue management is essentially about determining which customers to accept and how to manage them. We identify the shortcomings between technology, processes, and people.

  • Identifying immediate benefits from portfolio management and pricing;
  • Designing and implementing fleet summary and technical specification reports;
  • Creating early warning systems for delinquent lessees or abnormal lessee reporting;
  • Creating transition and repossession “playbooks;”
  • Improving deal models and lessee retention; and
  • Enhancing cost collection processes when lessees are permitted to finance the cost of modifications, reconfigurations and upgrades you accomplish on their behalf.
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