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All companies, in some form, carryout Treasury functions. Whether this be operational tasks or strategic, Treasury is a vital function not only of the Finance department, but also of the company.

Some companies carry out Treasury tasks within their accounting / FP&A teams, whereas other companies have a fully implemented Treasury team and separate Treasurer role. As your company evolves so should your Treasury function. Treasury is primarily about liquidity and ensuring your company has enough cash to survive – CASH IS KING – it is the life / heart of any organization, and Treasury keeps the heart pumping.

As a growing business, you are concerned about funding the business and what cash is needed. This is where cash forecasting, both long- and short-term is so important, it identifies:

  • What are your funding needs?
  • When do they arise?
  • Do you need capital?
  • Is this equity or debt (or a combination of both)?
  • How do you structure this and execute?

As you enter into contracts, potential contingent liabilities may arise.

  • What does this mean to your business and also your debt agreements?

As your company grows, cash flow remains critical, but you may also be looking at new markets, and thus Foreign Exchange risk, and macro environmental issues.  Additionally, potential regulatory, taxation, and insurance.

You now are profitable and have excess cash.

  • How do you manage that excess cash?
  • What investments do you consider?
  • Do you have access to the cash, or is it in countries whereby the cash is restricted or has a cost to repatriate?

Finally, you want to return cash to your shareholders / prepay debt / manage your capital structure.

  • What is the optimum balance?

In addition, you have to manage bank accounts, bank relationships, potential rating agencies, venture capitalists, investors (debt and equity), execute transactions – all within a controlled environment.

This is Treasury – and Zeevo can help.

Treasury functions:

30K foot view of treasury

  • Cash Management, pooling, repatriation strategies
  • Subsidiary funding
  • Bank Account Management, Share of the Wallet, RFP
  • Managing Credit Rating  and Bank relationships
  • Investments
  • Payments
  • Systems and interfaces
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Working Capital Management / Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Capital Markets – Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate management, Commodities
  • Debt – Term Loans (A/B), Senior Notes (IG / HY), Debt IPO, Debt covenants
  • WACC calculations
  • Insurance
  • Contingent Liability management
  • Counterparty Management

Treasury system architecture design

Zeevo can help design and implement your architecture, not only for systems, but also global banking footprints, cash pooling, cash forecasting, investing, business flow structures to minimize foreign exchange, capital structure, and others.

Treasury System Architecture Design


FX – Foreign Exchange
IR – Interest Rate
GL – General Ledger
CP – Commercial Paper
CL – Contingent Liabilities
CCY – Currency
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